Inspired by the forlorn lovesick titular main character "the oglala wolf puppy w/ PTSD", a story in 9a's music. & the traumatized inner wakanheja (child) that lives inside us all and yearns to be loved & free fully.

Think of "oglalapuppies." as an imprint for the indigenous underdogs, more marginalized, our women, 2slgbtia+, disabled, non-monogamous, youth. and a ragtag group of wild Oglalas, both on & off the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, driven for our people, cultural language revitalization, sobriety, mental health w/ special emphasis on love, sex positivity / education, etc.

to provide a basis for which everyone can become better people & to provide healing tailor made to our people through various initiatives that'll be coming to life here soon.

To become a source of funding to our own Oglalas coming up in various mediums, industries, etc.

Regardless, I hope you all love what's here. And what's coming.

Wopila (thank you) for checking out the site, music, energy. All comes with pure intention, bigger dreams & a truly better world for all.

Much love & snugs,
Nyna Matowin a.k.a. nyna a.k.a. 9a a.k.a. oglala wolf puppy... lol