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"matowin", the 5th chapter of "the oglala wolf puppy w/ PTSD' & debut album by 9a, OUT NOW!

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pupyluv (official music video) - 9a

off my debut mixtape "tempo" released on Dakota South Records, November 25th, 2016.

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tempo kissing nya... (nunpa winyanpi on me) (official music video) - 9a

Off my mixtape "yamni", the 3rd chapter of "the oglala wolf puppy w/ PTSD"

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pretty bi fem lakota winyans (official music video) - 9a

much love to my girlie Veronica for starring in this one with me!

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The Oglala wolf puppy w/ PTSD the story so far...


The epic 4th chapter delving into the Oglala wolf puppy's 4th love interest "axel" & themes of toxic masculinity, the harm of anti-2slgbtq+ rhetoric in indigenous communities, etc.

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The 3rd chapter, A cute playful tape, based on the Oglala wolf puppy's 3rd love interest "yamni" and the complexity of being indigenous whilst participating in nonmonogamous / polyamorous relationships. Get to know the origin of the polycule between the Oglala wolf puppy & their partners "tempo", "nya" & "yamni".

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The 2nd chapter "nya", is based on the events after what happened that fateful night (which that story is told on the previous debut tape of the series, "tempo").

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The titular debut tape by "9a" (formally known as "JUQ"), kicking off the series chronicling the iconic character "the Oglala wolf puppy w/ PTSD" as they navigate their past & a fateful night that changes their lives forever.

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